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Language Learning Through Story (2)
Teachers' Resources
by Margaret and Alun Isaac
Based on
Nia and the Magic of the Lake,
by Margaret Isaac

Apecs Press 2000
Sb ISBN 0 9537267 6 2 £29.50 TP/LS

These language resources include background information on the story, teachers' notes and language exercises. Due regard is given to whole class work, group work and independent work at text level, sentence level and word level. The resources are helpful where legends may be a focus.

The legend of Llyn-y-Fan reflects a sequence of events similar to the Christian Creation Myth.

In belonging to an oral tradition, folktales are susceptible to change as different tellers select or reject people or events either through lack of memory or a desire to embellish the story and create a greater impact on the listener. This results in the fragmented nature of the stories.

NIA and the Magic of the Lake places the legend in a modern context. Wyn and Nia are descendants of Gwyn and Nelfach. Because of his association with Nia and his growing affinity with Llyn-y-Fan, Wyn begins to understand that healing, compassion, and understanding are powerful tools against the forces of darkness.

Extract from teachers' resources

The teacher reads the first chapter Strange Happenings to the whole class. After the reading, children are organised in groups. They read the passage again several times before discussing the following questions:

Look at the standing stone on p. 4. What do you think the marks mean?(You can check them with the Ogham alphabet at the back of the book.)

Extract from children's worksheets

Suggestions for writing:

Once you are satisfied that your piece of writing is as good as you can make it, write it out neatly or word process it.


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