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Tales of Gold Reprinted 2010: £5.95 (paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809563965 0 1)
Stories of Caves, Gold and Magic.

NIA and the Magic of the Lake 2000: (to be reprinted)
(ISBN 0 9537267 3 8)
The story of a growing friendship between a boy and a girl, set against the backdrop of the legend of Llyn-y-Fan Fach and the Physicians of Myddfai.

SIR GAWAIN and the GREEN KNIGHT 2000: £6.95 (hardback)
(ISBN 97809537267 4 5)
A free translation of a medieval tale for contemporary readers.

RHIANNON'S Way 2002: £7.95 (hardback)
(ISBN 9 7809537267 8 3)
The story of a Celtic princess and the rescue of her father from the Romans.

The Tale of TWM SIÔN CATI 2005 £7.95 (hardback and paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809548940 1 6; Hb) (ISBN 9 7809548940 3 0; Pb)
This is the story of a Welshman born in a time of lawlessness and disorder, poverty and unrest. In this wild Wales he became an outlaw who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, a rascal who loved life and adventure.
Twm Sion Cati is a fascinating character straight from the history books of Tudor times. His adventurous life and times bears a close comparison to another Celtic hero, the Scottish outlaw Rob Roy.

Lake Stories of Wales  - Shadows in the Waters 2008 £6.95 (paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809548940 6 1)
These books include five stories from some of the lakes of South Wales:
     The Mystery of Llyn Cwm Llwch
     Llyn Safaddon :  Where no Birds Sing
     Kenfig Pool:  The curse of the Pantannas
     Llyn Llech Owain:  Arthur’s Greatest Knight
     The Lady of Llyn-y-Fan Fach
The stories tell of spirits of the underworld, giants, floods, knights and damsels in distress and are redolent of the spirituality and expression of the human condition through anger, revenge, love and compassion.
Also published in Welsh as:
Storiau Llynoedd Cymru - Cysgodion yn y Dyfroedd 2008 £6.95 (paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809548940 7 8)
     Dirgelwch Llyn Cwm Llwch
     Llyn Safaddon:  Lle ni Chlywir Cân Aderyn
     Pwll Cynffig:  Melltith y Pantannas
     Llyn Llech Owain: Marchog Mwyaf Arthur
     Morwyn Llyn y Fan Fach

Arthur and the Twrch Trwyth 2012 £8.95 (hardback) £7.95 (paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809563965 4 9; Hb) (ISBN 9 7869563965 3 2;  Pb)
Arthur, with a vast army of warriors, chased a magical wild boar known as the Twrch Trwyth across the length of south Wales. This spectacular boar hunt extended from Pembrokeshire to the Severn Estuary, with many battles taking place along the way and many of Arthur’s champions savagely killed by the Twrch Trwyth and his brood.
The book is illustrated by Margaret Jones, one of the most celebrated illustrators of Welsh Folk Tales.


£5.95 (paperback)
(ISBN 978-0-9563965-6-3)
Author, Margaret Isaac
Margaret's first book of poetry is drawn from personal experience and imagination. 2017 USW Alumni Award Winner for her Contribution to Welsh Life and Culture.
Readers of this book of poetry can see how brief experience of life in different countries can alter the perception of visitors. Fascinating glimpses are given of life in parts of Europe, South Africa, Canada, and America.
A contrasting picture of life in Wales in ancient times includes a scenic background to the folklore surrounding lakes, and of the Magical Warriors and their battles.
The imagination of life in the mind comes alive as a finale to stories of travel in the wider world. Joy and pain often emerges when dealing with personal experiences such as creation.

Non Fiction

THOMAS JONES OF TREGARON Alias Twm Siôn Cati 2009: £7.95 (hardback)
(ISBN 9 780954840 9 2)
(Limited Edition  400 copies)THOMAS JONES OF TREGARON Alias Twm Siôn Cati - APECS Press
Author, Margaret Isaac
Born the son of a 16th century Welsh nobleman, Thomas Jones led a colourful and varied life. In his youth, he was outlawed by Henry V111 and pardoned by Elizabeth 1. On his return to Tregaron, he settled down to life as a country squire and became Steward of Caron. He was commissioned by the greatest families in the land to draw up their pedigrees and was highly acclaimed as a heraldic bard.
Never far from danger, he incurred the wrath of the local vicar, with serious consequences for him, his family and for the vicar himself.
In his later years, he was brought before the courts for assisting his future wife, a wealthy heiress, to alter her late husband’s will.
In her book, Margaret Isaac gives a lively account of the life of this famous Welshman in the turbulent and dangerous period of the Tudor Monarchy.
The book includes a number of original manuscripts hitherto unpublished.
Margaret Isaac is also the author of The Tale of Twm Sion Cati.

THOMAS THOMAS OF PONTYPOOL Radical Puritan 2009: £8.99 (paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809548940 8 5)
Author, Arthur J. Edwards THOMAS THOMAS OF PONTYPOOL Radical Puritan - APECS Press
This book cannot fail to impress and inspire those reading about Thomas Thomas, a leader of strong principles, far-sighted in outlook and humanitarian in his work as a Nonconformist minister and teacher. This combination of qualities helped to achieve significant religious and social developments in nineteenth century Wales, in particular, the disestablishment of the Anglican Church.
This compelling account shows how his unflinching and lifelong devotion to social change and injustice in the industrial society of Pontypool extended well beyond Nonconformity to the wider church and secular population.
Thomas Thomas has been described as one of the most significant figures in the history of Nonconformity in South Wales because he was a pioneer in the development of its political power and social influence. As such, this biography of a largely unknown religious leader makes a valuable contribution to this genre of Welsh literature.

IT CAME, TO PASS 2007: £9.99 (Paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809548940 2 3)
An Autobiography by Margaret Jones. IT CAME, TO PASS, An Autobiography by Margaret Jones - APECS Press
"This is the story of a person who describes herself as ordinary; in reality, however, it is the story of an 'ordinary' person with extraordinary gifts: the honest story of an educated and cultured woman born and bred in England but who has long been adopted and loved in Wales. A fascinating story written in a style, which is both direct and warm, lively, inviting and inspiring. It is a book which invites the reader to read - and enjoy reading - from the very first sentence. The story of the remarkable career and achievements of a very talented artist who began painting in earnest when she was almost sixty years of age, but who went on to win the prestigious Welsh Books Council's Tir na n-Óg Prize on five occasions and continued painting well into her late eighties." Dr Robin Gwyndaf, Honorary Research Fellow, St Fagans, National History Museum, Wales.

BIRTH OF A SCHOOL 2005: £5.95 (Hardback)BIRTH OF A SCHOOL St Josephs High School Newport - APECS Press
(ISBN 9 7809548940 0 9)
Author, J. Alan Shewring.
This is the story of how St. Joseph's R.C. High School, Newport, started. It charts the successful struggle by a small group of parents to persuade the authorities, both State and Church, that a Catholic comprehensive school was needed in Newport. Also, how they, the parents, and the School Governors, succeeded in getting the School built.
It also describes the part played by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy in its founding, and the important contribution they have made to Catholic education in Newport since 1870.
The Author was Chair of Governers at St. Joseph's during its first seventeen years.

£12.50 (+£3.50 p&p - HardbackDOLAUCOTHI GOLD – A VISION REALISED by Alun Isaac published by APECS Press, Caerleon  - Limited Edition 400 copies)
(ISBN 9 7809563965 1 8; Hb)
£12.50 (+£3.50 p&p - Paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809563965 2 5; Pb)
Alun Isaac
The Dolaucothi Gold Mine is a unique example of Wales’s industrial heritage. It was restored by the vision and energy of archaeologists, geologists and engineers from Cardiff University and St David’s University College, Lampeter in conjunction with the National Trust for Wales.
This book gives an illustrated account of a timeline of events from 1978 to 1999, and some developments that followed in later years.  The restoration of the officially abandoned mine was first conceived as a Field Centre for students of Mining and Minerals Engineering and Mining Geology.  It developed to include an education project for primary schools in Carmarthenshire and Gwent, and subsequently serves the National Trust as a centre for lifelong learning, industrial conservation and tourism. Over one million visitors have now enjoyed the experience of the mine visit.

New revised edition 2013:DOLAUCOTHI GOLD – A VISION REALISED by Alun Isaac published by APECS Press, Caerleon
£12.50 (+£3.50 p&p - Paperback)
(ISBN 9 7809563965 5 6)
Alwyn E. Annels and Barry C. Burnham
This new revised edition of a book first published in 1983 and republished twice since in 1986 and 1995, has been written by two specialists in the fields of Geology and Archaeology respectively. Alwyn E. Annels and Barry C. Burnham, who were closely involved with activities at the gold mines and in the vicinity, have provided information that will assist a better understanding of the gold deposits and history of mining at Dolaucothi for those visiting the site or for others who have an interest in industrial archaeology, gold deposits or mining in general.

Teaching Resources

Teaching Story in the Primary School 1999: £35 (incl. postage)
(ISBN 0 9537267 1 1)
Language resources for Key Stage 1 based on the story "The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark" by Jill Tomlinson 1968 (Methuen & Co)

Language Learning through Story (1) 2000: £35 (incl. postage)
(ISBN 0 9537267 5 4)
Teaching resources for Key Stage 2 based on the story "Tales of Gold" by Margaret Isaac.

Language Learning through Story (2)
2000: £35 (incl. postage)
(ISBN 0 9537267 6 2)
Teaching resources for Key Stages 2 and 3 based on the story "Nia and the Magic of the Lake" by Margaret Isaac.

Language Learning through Story (3) 2000: £35 (incl. postage)
(ISBN 0 9537267 7 0)
Teaching resources for Key Stages 2 and 3 based on the story SIR GAWAIN and the GREEN KNIGHT by Margaret Isaac.

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