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Language Learning Through Story (1)
Teachers' Resources
by Margaret and Alun Isaac
based on
Tales of Gold,
by Margaret Isaac

Apecs Press 2000
Sb ISBN 0 9537267 5 4 £29.50 TP

These language resources include background information on the story, teachers' notes and language exercises. Due regard is given to whole class work, group work and independent work at text level, sentence level and word level. The resources are helpful where legends may be a focus.

Extracts from the  teachers' notes

Finding information using books.

The aims are to:

Children are organised in groups of four. Children work together as a group on the task, but write their answers individually.

Take the children back to the initial questions on legend asked before the storyreading (page 8) i.e.

Take children through methods of finding information e.g. use of contents page; use of index; finding page numbers to the relevant information. 

Extract from children's worksheet

Groups a) and b) work on the history of Owain Lawgoch ;

Groups c) and d) work on the legend of Owain Lawgoch

Group Exercises

Exercise 1.  Groups (a) and (b)

Your task:

Read the information in "Owain Lawgoch: the history and the legend".

Make a list of the main points from the section describing the history of Owain Lawgoch.

The following questions will help you, but REMEMBER to write your answers in complete sentences!

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