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Poems out of Time

Margaret Isaac's first book of poetry is drawn from personal experience and from her own imagination.

Part 1 describes how brief experiences of life in different countries can alter the perception of visitors.
Part Two is a contrasting picture of life in Wales in ancient times set against a background of myths and folklore.
part Three explores the imagination as it comes alive through experiences of the joy and pain thrown up be life's experiences.

Twm Siôn Cati Award at Tregaron

Tregaron Primary School presents an annual award to a pupil of the school who has shown the most kindness and care to her community in that year. The 2015 winner is proudly holding her prize, the book Thomas Jones of Tregaron alias Twm Siôn Cati.
Margaret at Apecs Press wishes to congratulate her and hopes she will enjoy the story and keep it as a fond memory of her time in the school.

Review of Margaret Isaac's latest book by the Welsh Books Council

The Welsh Books Council has selected Margaret Isaac’s latest book for review, we are pleased to share this with our readers.

“In another of her books of Welsh folktales, Margaret Isaac has produced for both children and adults a version of one of the Arthurian stories from the Mabinogion based firmly in south Wales. Complete with a foreword by Professor Sioned Davies of Cardiff University placing the quest of Culhwch for Ysbaddaden Chief Giant’s daughter Olwen in its classical story tradition, a useful map, a scholarly bibliography plus previously published illustrations by Margaret Jones, this is a comprehensive treatment and ideal for individuals, families or school settings.

In order to satisfy his possible father-in-law - the terrifying Ysbaddaden - and gain the hand of beautiful Olwen, hero Culhwch, supported by his cousin Arthur, needs to present the giant with a number of items. Knowing that he will die horribly at the hands of Arthur’s men should they succeed Ysbaddaden sets a number of challenging if not impossible tasks which depend on skill, intelligence and strength as well as team work. One of these is to hunt and catch the extraordinary otherworld Twrch Trwyth, a cursed king in the form of a great boar, and take from between its ears the comb, razor and scissors which will be used on the night before the wedding.

The writer truly captures the different moods of the story, from the background to Culhwch’s birth and fate, Arthur's court, the audience with the giant and the various tasks. Closely working with the original text, this is a storyteller who brings it all to life - the courtliness, the romance, the violence and the exciting adventure, wondrous folk characters with amazing skills and animals transformed from human shape. The hunt itself is exhilarating as the Twrch rampages across the countryside with Arthur and his cohort in hot pursuit - in your mind’s eye it is as vivid as any 3D film or electronic game. And the bonus is that you could actually visit the geographical locations!

Margaret Jones’s detailed graphics are a delight in themselves and sit happily in this new Maginogi version, meshing with the text and bringing as they do an authentic Celtic feel. Readers may feel the need to have a look at the larger original versions to appreciate their full impact but the fascination of her character depictions, action scenes and Celtic symbolism in pictorial form is a treat beyond comparison.

If you are a youngster or grown up who wants to read a good story well told, learn about the earliest recorded tale of King Arthur or journey and explore places linked to an all action Celtic saga, Arthur and the Twrch Trwyth should be your choice.”

This review appears on the website www.gwales.com with the permission of the Welsh Books Council.